From High Atop Beautiful Tysons Corner

Mark Bisnow
Guy Timberlake

July 6th, 2009

Amtower records the first WFED show from the atrium of the Tower Club, high above Tysons Corner, VA with e-media and networking entrepreneur Mark Bisnow and American Small Business Coalition chief visionary Guy Timberlake. For the first Tower Club show Amtower pays homage to Mark Bisnow, who hosted a WTOP show from the Tower Club in the 1990s. Bisnow has since launched, a successful multi-city e-newsletter empire covering tech, associations legal, real estate and more in Washington, NYC and Chicago. Amtower and Guy Timberlake discuss the role of the Tower Club in the DC area as a government contractor magnet. Also discussed are various programs of the ASBC. This is the first of monthly broadcasts to come from the Tower Club.