Building “Green”

Richard Knight, vice-president, Aercrete Advantage LLC

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 12:23 pm

October 3, 2011 — Host Mark Amtower interviews Richard Knight, co-chair of the GovCon committee of the Baltimore-Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce, and principal/vice-president of Aercrete Advantage, LLC.

Topics include:

  • Aercrete’s involvement in “Green Building” initiatives for government commercial construction
  • the variety of activities that the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber offers for government contractors.
  • the October 12th session: “Piloting Your Course with Small Business Officers, OSDBUs and CORS”
  • the 20th annual BW Region Procurement Fair
  • the November 30th “Fueling Your Finances for Contracts” seminar.

    This is the first of series of interviews highlighting activities for contractors in Maryland.