Marketing lessons from military history

Head Shot of Barry Strauss
Barry Strauss, professor of History and Classics, Cornell University

(This show originally aired on December 5, 2016)

This week on “Amtower Off Center”,  host Mark Amtower interviews Cornell University history professor and author Barry Strauss regarding marketing and business leadership strategies learned from military lessons.

Topics include lessons from:

  • Barry’s article in MarketingProfs
  •  the Trojan War, (patience and subterfuge),
  •  Julius Caesar (origin of the phrase “crossing the Rubicon, Caesar’s ability as a battle commander),
  •  Spartacus (underestimating an opponent, guerrilla tactics),
  •  Hannibal (surprise tactics, alliances, hesitation, origin of the phrase “barbarians at the gate”),
  • Alexander (preparation of a leader, not communicating with your troops)