Chris Kemp – Chief Information Officer

NASA Ames Research Center is developing a lot of information technology systems for the follow on to the Space Shuttle program, called Constellation.

It’s also is working with other agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, to research, invent and then implement future air traffic management tools.

All of this and more work comes under the purview of Chris Kemp, NASA Ames Chief Information Officer.


Kemp says to help keep on top of all these projects and make sure his office is meeting customer needs, Ames has a new governance structure.

He says the IT management board meets weekly to discuss agency’s strategic investments and then sets up service level agreements with each of the customers.

The board helps prioritize the IT budget across NASA, taking into account the projects overall benefit to the entire agency, not just one center.

Kemp says this new approach is making it easier to look at all technology projects through a NASA-wide enterprise architecture.