EPA jumping on the mobile apps bandwagon

April 29, 2010 — The Environmental Protection Agency is going mobile. Deputy chief information officer Linda Travers says the agency is developing several applications for mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone.

The first mobile app could be released by early summer that would let citizens check the ultraviolet index outside to see if they need to put on sunscreen. Travers says other apps around chemical spills and emissions inventory about your community.

While those are external priorities for EPA, Travers says the agency also is improving the E-Rulemaking platform to be more user friendly, and is giving employees the opportunity to use Web 2.0 technologies.

Travers has seen a lot of change over the years at EPA. She is one of the few charter employees at EPA, starting work there in 1970. She has been acting CIO for most of the last year before having to move back to deputy CIO because of rules for how long a career employee can act in a political position.