Navy’s Carey takes experience to Fleet Cyber Command

September 9, 2010 — Rob Carey has been in the Department of Navy’s chief information officer’s office for 10 years. He’s seen a lot of changes from the trials and tribulations of the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet to the adoption of social media. And through it all, Carey has enjoyed every day better than the last.

Carey will be stepping down as the Navy’s CIO Sept. 10, and starting Sept. 13 as a member of the service’s Fleet Cyber Command reporting directly to Adm. Barry McCullough.

Carey said his new role will be a blank canvas of sorts, where he is helping the Navy operationalize cyber standards, policies and defenses.

In his new position, Carey estimated that there will be 80-to-90 percent overlap in skills and knowledge base. He said the intelligence arena is one of the few areas that will be most challenging initially.

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Carey also wanted to put to rest any rumors that he was being pushed out or forced to move because the service wants to put a uniformed CIO in place. In fact, Carey said the next CIO will be another civilian in the Senior Executive Service.

As for what he will miss the most, Carey said the short commute to the Pentagon from Alexandria, Va., and of course, the friends and colleagues he’s made over the last decade in the CIO’s office.