Seligman preparing CDC for larger role in health IT

October 28, 2010 — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is playing a growing role in health information technology.

Of its more than $430 million IT budget about $130 million go to state and local governments through grants to improve the ability to share data.

Jim Seligman, the CDC chief information officer, said the agency plays a big role in enabling data exchange between the health care world and immunization registries, around bio surveillance and with electronic lab data exchanges for clinics and public health organizations.

This is part of the reason CDC opened its recently awarded $5 billion IT services contract to state and local governments, Seligman said.


Seligman said he also is focused internally on finishing rolling out secure identity cards and remediate applications to allow for more single sign-on and logical access to the network.

Seligman said CDC also has jumped into the Web 2.0 world with both feet and is seeing benefits in how it communicates with the public about health issues.