DHS to review service contracts worth more than $1 million

By Jason Miller
Executive Editor

The Homeland Security Department will review all services contracts worth more than $1 million when they come up for rewnewal.

DHS secreatry Janet Napolitano today announced the review of these contracts, saying she wants to, “ensure that proposed contract awards do not include inherently governmental functions or impact core functions that must be performed by federal employees. This additional review adds a new level of rigor to the DHS contracting process.”

Napolitano says DHS also is moving toward enterprisewide software licenses, electronic tracking of the fleet usage to address fraud and abuse and redeployment of refurbished IT equipment.


The decision to review services contracts and the other changes are a part of the departmentwide efficiency review Napolitano launched in March.

“Efficiency Review initiatives—both large and small—are in progress and have already resulted in substantial savings,” DHS states in a release.

DHS points to several examples of where they will save money because of these reviews.

For instance, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) estimates it will recover more than $1.7 million during fiscal 2009 by reducing and relocating conferences to government facilities.

ICE will also save more than $93,000 by minimizing the printing and distribution of their annual report.

Additionally, the Transportation Security Administration anticipates saving more than $111,000 by converting its Workforce Satisfaction Survey from paper-based to online delivery and by utilizing in-house resources and expertise to develop the survey.

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