DorobekInsider: What you read in 2009…. on The Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Jane Norris

I have been (slowly) pulling together the most read items from the different programs on Federal News Radio 1500 AM over the past 12 months.

Previous ‘most read in 2009:
* Mike Causey edition
* In Depth with Francis Rose edition
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Today… the most read items of 2009::
* Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Jane Norris

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But for now, here are the items you read in 2009 on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Jane Norris, hear weekdays from 6-10a:

  1. USPS cutting losses, targets Saturday delivery
  2. Omnibus includes federal pay raise with locality pay
  3. More holiday time off for some feds
  4. USPS and the Economic Gloom
  5. The federal pay raise explained
  6. How not to outlive your retirement funds
  7. From TSP to ROTH? New rules hit federal retirees
  8. Free tool now available for Open Season decision-making
  9. KSAs out, TalentLink in at Homeland Security
  10. Even C students can get high-income jobs
  11. OPM’s tips for Open Season
  12. BRAC hits traffic right in the Beltway
  13. Top agencies to work for in the federal government
  14. Rep. Jim Moran tackles a possible FEHBP tax
  15. Cell sniffing in the federal workplace
  16. How to survive an investigation at work
  17. OPM’s tips for Open Season, part 1
  18. FBI Police says recruits are most wanted
  19. Earn a free masters degree in the Federal Cyber Corps
  20. Buy while the buying’s good!
  21. Federal workforce issues 2009: what’s worked and what hasn’t
  22. Omnibus includes federal pay raise with locality pay – 7:40
  23. Defense Appropriations: who gets how much
  24. Checklist for year end tax planning
  25. Deloitte owns BearingPoint: now what?
  26. OPM director closely watching case of Census worker found hanged
  27. Stolen laptop contains data of 42,000 military family members
  28. What airline passengers need to know about TSA’s Secure Flight program
  29. McAfee finds the world’s riskiest domains
  30. Sen. Mark Warner: Performance management to be streamlined
  31. Where’s your agency’s funding?
  32. Save big money in homebuyer tax credits by buying a home
  33. Rep. Van Hollen offers help for feds with fewer Health Plan options
  34. Agency funding: four down, eight to go!
  35. DHS announces a virtual job fair
  36. Tips for deducting charitable contributions
  37. Navy damns the stovepipes, goes full speed ahead on IT reorganization
  38. FEHBP Open Season workshop on Nov. 30
  39. Tips on ethical gift giving
  40. Rep. Towns reviews federal workforce benefits legislation
  41. How to deal with underperforming employees
  42. Free speech and ethics collide for federal employees
  43. Lessons learned from Navy ship collision
  44. Career advice from federal employees
  45. What do feds REALLY earn?
  46. MRAP wrap up
  47. Change is in the air, and food and drugs, at FDA
  48. Fast raise a bad thing?
  49. The Secret Service and the climbers at the gate
  50. MSPB: How to make the most of the retirement wave
  51. Tax credit expands for homebuyers
  52. Forbes lists the year’s most-hacked software
  53. SES: “White guys with ties”?
  54. Defense Authorization Bill’s cure for the FERS flu
  55. The future of the Future Combat Systems
  56. Ten tips for staff retention
  57. Army Sec. McHugh: Ft. Hood has lost family
  58. OPM on Open Season: dental and vision tips
  59. Legal Loop: How to leave your job without breaking the law
  60. Five questions managers must ask themselves
  61. Unpaid taxes by federal contractor employees questioned
  62. USPS first agency to release data on greenhouse gas emissions
  63. Cash for Clunkers: Beware the bait & switch – 9:28
  64. Federal Job Fair Roundup
  65. The nature of cybercrime is changing
  66. Future Combat Systems and SAIC’s future
  67. Chairman Devaney: embarrassment will lead to improvements
  68. President Obama’s word choice leaves some feds feeling slighted
  69. Federal employees owe $3B in unpaid taxes
  70. Maryland wants Uncle Sam’s Cyber Command
  71. Cash for Clunkers: Beware the bait & switch
  72. Shay Assad: how to fix contracting problems in 30 days or less
  73. Career Fair: DISA asks undergrads to STEP up
  74. From TSP to ROTH? New rules hit federal retirees – 8:30
  75. A tax on your BlackBerry?
  76. Operation Falcon is a big success
  77. New Cybersecurity Coordinator no babe in the woods
  78. Cyber Security Alliance opens nerve center in Maryland
  79. Sticking points emerge in healthcare reform
  80. Thursday Morning Newscast
  81. USPS cutting losses, targets Saturday delivery – 7:05
  82. Fmr. Dir. Springer: OPM not up to task of running public option health program
  83. Ground level view of the Marine Corps Marathon
  84. DOJ: contractor’s bulletproof vests aren’t
  85. Wartime Contracting Commission finds drinking problem with ArmorGroup
  86. Rep. Frank Wolf offers Federal job fair information
  87. Cybercrime grows more devious and malicious
  88. Blog Bonus: Springer on Berry’s snow plans
  89. What is the future of the U.S. Navy?
  90. OMB wants to reduce money spent on contractors
  91. Pay for performance: reforming the reforms?
  92. How plain language could help the federal government
  93. Commissioner Astrue: Social Security back up center ready early
  94. DoD promises to fix Iraq contracting problems in 30 days
  95. OMB introduces
  96. Linda Springer: OPM not up to task of running public option health program
  97. FLEOA to TSA: ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’ in manual kerfuffle
  98. Federal Managers Association’s view on changes in pay and benefits
  99. High-performers feeling less engaged at work
  100. 5 Fallacies: Clock watching with a pro who knows