McKinsey Column: Clouds, big data, and smart assets

McKinsey has a new report on the top ten tech-enabled business trends, Financial Times reports.

Topping the list was the central role of organizing web communities for marketing and developing products. Seventy percent of executives surveyed for the report said their companies regularly created value through web communities.

The McKinsey team said the Internet has allowed organizations to expand access to experts from around the world, a phenomenon the team calls “tapping into a world of talent.” Organizations still rely mostly on full-time employees, but this could limit their abilities to tackle more complex challenges, according to the report authors.

Another top ten trend is the use of IT for sustainability to create, for example, smart power grids, efficient buildings, and better logistics planning.


Having executives understand the trends are not enough; leaders must think strategically about how to adapt management and the organizational structure to the rapidly changing technology, according to the McKinsey team.

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