Public Buildings Service reaches out to industry

November 9, 2010 — The Public Buildings Service Industry Relations Division works to increase awareness of PBS contract opportunities.

Toward that goal, Industry Relations employs experts in various subject areas (e.g., design and construction, green/energy, retail services, leasing) whose job it is to communicate with industry.

Industry Relations also partners with professional associations and groups. The division participates in a number of industry events each year, and its members participate on panels and present information aimed at helping vendors that seek business with PBS.

On this week’s Agency of the Month, host Ruben Gomez speaks with Kendra Turner, Director, Industry Relations, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration.


Interesting factoid: As a general rule, PBS does not buy products (e.g., toilet paper) for federal buildings. It buys services (e.g., janitorial services, which provide toilet paper.)