Best of DorobekINSIDER: Budget 2012 and the impact on feds

The DorobekINSIDER brings you the best of recent interviews and analysis about the proposed FY2012 budget, released by President Obama on Feb. 14.

  • The numbers are out on the proposed budget for the fiscal 2012 budget, starting Oct. 1. But what do those numbers mean for federal employees? The DorobekINSIDER gets insights from WFED’s senior correspondent Mike Causey and budget experts Stan Collender and Todd Harrison.
  • It may be hard to believe, but there is a bright side amidst the budget talks. Despite budget doom and gloom, the IT industry may see greater opportunties, says Angie Petty, a principal analyst with Input.
  • Take the DorobekINSIDER poll: Up, down or the same, What will the final budget be?