DoD: Another continuing resolution could threaten thousands of jobs

Budget planners in every branch of the Service are hoping Congress does not pass another continuing resolution on March 4.

We’re already one-third of the way through fiscal 2011 – and the Pentagon – like the rest of government – is trapped in last year’s spending plan. That means the government can’t launch new programs, and eventually, will run out of money to pay troops.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has shown his frustration. He says in Defense News that continuing work under a continuing resolution would be the worst of all possible reductions. He said, “That’s how you hollow out a military even in wartime.”

Defense budget specialists say the department does have some flexibility to move money around but that margin is running out.


If the CR is continued for the rest of the fiscal year – in the Navy alone, officials say that might threaten up to 7,300 civilian jobs. That’s because new contracts won’t be issued and work will slow down on several projects.

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