GSA increasing some per-diem rates

John Buckner
Federal News Radio

Per-diem rates in certain counties around the country are inadequate and will go up soon, according to the General Services Administration. The agency made the announcement today in the Federal Register.

Each of these counties will see changes in their max lodging rates beginning April 1, 2011 and going through September 2011:

State County Current per diem New per diem
San Bernadino $83 $99
San Francisco $142 $150
Lafayette $77 $96
Hunt $78 $86
Caroline $77 $89

In New York’s Bronx, New York, Kings, Queens and Richmond counties, max lodging will go from $192 in March to $212 in April and May. It will go up to $224 from June through August and then $295 max lodging in September. In Pennsylvania’s Dauphin County, max lodging will go from $106 in March to $107 for April and May. Then, $134 for June through August and back to $107 max lodging in September.


Last September, GSA said reimbursement for meals and incidental expenses would remain unchanged in 2011, ranging from $46 through $71 for meals per day depending on the location, and $5 for incidental expenses.

John Buckner is an intern with Federal News Radio.

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