Breakdown of cuts in one-week CR

By Julia Ziegler
Web Manager
Federal News Radio

The House and Senate agreed to a budget deal late Friday, averting a government shutdown. A one-week continuing resolution will fund the government through next Thursday. That bill contains $2 billion in reductions. The framework for a deal to fund the government through the end of the 2011 fiscal year has also been agreed upon and is expected to pass next week.

The initial $2 billion in cuts breaks down as follows:

  • Section 295 cuts funding for the Transportation Planning, Research, and Development account from to $9.8 million (down from $16.1 million in FY 2010).
  • Section 296 cuts funding for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Facilities and Equipment account by $8.7 million (less than one percent from the FY 2010 level).
  • Section 297 cuts the Federal Aviation Administration’s Research, Engineering and Development account by $3.5 million (two percent from the FY 2010 level).
  • Section 298 reduces FY 2011 funding for FRA High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail to $1 billion (reduction of $1.5 billion from FY10).
  • Section 299 reduces the Federal Railroad Administration’s Research and Development account to $35.1 million (reduction of $2.513 million below FY 2010).
  • Section 300 reduces funding for Transit New Starts to $1.72 billion, $280 million below the FY 2010 level. This level is sufficient to fund projects that have an existing grant award agreement with the Department of Transportation.
  • Section 301 reduces funding for the Transit Research and University Research Centers Program to $64.2 million.
  • Section 302 reduces the FY11 funding for Public Housing Operating Fund to $4.6 billion.
  • Section 303 reduces funding for HUD’s Community Development Fund, including the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) by $220 million. The CDBG formula amount remains the same as in FY10, but the provision eliminates funding for Economic Development Initiative (EDI) and Neighborhood Initiative (NI) grants, as well as University Communities Fund (section 107 grants).