A Conversation on Implementing Telework

June 6th and June 8th

Conversation with Authors Series with Professor Scott Overmyer: A Conversation on Implementing Telework: Lessons learned from Four Federal Agencies

This interview offers practical implementation advice to agency leaders and front-line managers faced with implementing the newly-enacted law expanding telework opportunities to over one million federal workers.

Telework has been touted as being a winning strategy for government. A study by the Telework Research Network claims potential savings for the federal government of nearly $3.8 billion as a result of reduced real estate costs, electricity savings, reduced absenteeism, and reduced employee turnover.


Dr. Overmeyer discusses the technological, social, operational, and management risks that face managers in implementing a telework strategy. He then shows how four cutting-edge federal agencies have addressed these issues and have successfully implemented a telework initiative. Understanding the practical challenges, and steps some agencies have already taken in piloting this approach, will be important as government leaders face the six-month implementation timeframe required under the recently signed legislation.