A Special Edition of The Business of Government Hour

June 13th and June 15th

From transforming the National Airspace System to managing homeland security resources, educating today’s information leaders, and transforming government operations, these executives clarify and extend our understanding of the work they champion and the efforts they lead. The nation stands on the verge of a new era in aviation. The National Airspace System is one of the largest and safest in the world. It is also one of the busiest. Randy Babbitt, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, outlines the next generation air transportation system (NextGen), explaining how it will improve the airspace system, increase capacity, and ensure safety. With an expansive and varied mission, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must manage its resources efficiently, effectively, and as “OneDHS.” Rafael Borras, undersecretary for management (DHS) discusses how the department is turning its OneDHS vision into reality and forging stewardship between meeting objectives and investing wisely. Dr. Robert Childs, chancellor of the National Defense University’s iCollege, discusses how NDU’s iCollege is positioning itself as a global hub for educating, informing, and connecting information age leaders. Stephen Goldsmith, deputy mayor for operations for the City of New York, discusses how city government is modernizing and consolidating operations for the 21st century, and what New York City is doing to shape a government that is customer-focused, innovative, and more efficient.