BRAC move inspires a prize-winning telework program

Facing a BRAC-related move from Bolling Air Force Base to Fort Meade, Maryland, the Air Force Central Adjudication Facility (AFCAF) turned to telework, and telework has answered the call.

After a year of working to create a more telework-friendly environment, all of AFCAF’s 155 employees are now equipped and trained to telework, and 65 percent of them do so on a regular basis.

The number of employees who telework regularly went from 40 in April 2010 to 100 in March 2011 – with more than 90 percent of these employees teleworking nine out of 10 days in a two-week period. The need to be physically present in the office was eliminated by the use of collaboration tools for staff calls, trainings, and meetings. Once the tools were in place, 100 percent of teleworkers have reported improved communication with their supervisors. Productivity increased 55.62 percent in just one year.

Perhaps best of all for the agency, AFCAF has been able to retain 92 percent of its highly-trained security specialists during the BRAC move, and of them, 92 percent of employees say the Telework Program is the main reason for staying with the agency after the BRAC move,


Last week, AFCAF was awarded the 2011 Telework Exchange Tele-Vision Awards for New Telework Initiative.

For more on the awards, see the 2011 Telework Exchange Tele-Vision Awards Program webpage.