FEBs talk back to Washington: Atlanta

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Gwendolyn Campbell
Atlanta FEB Board Executive Director

What’s the best part of working in your FEB area?

Working with local agencies – their support and leadership.


What is the biggest drawback of working in your FEB area?

Serving as a “regional office- eight states” FEB with a defined area of 42 counties, I recognize needs for some federal organization in outlying area within the region but not having the staff to really provide any meaningful assistance to these areas- some have Federal Executive Association, most do not.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give a fed moving to your area?

Connect with the FEB. We try to reach out to newcomers as soon as we are aware that they are here and get them involved.

In a word, describe feds in your area.


How are feds perceived in your area and how does that affect morale?

Involved – in interagency activities as well as the community. Morale is overall good. Most leadership strive to be servant leaders.

What’s the average commute for feds in your FEB area, or your personal commute?

30 minutes on average. Those living in the outer “burbs” (30-50 miles away)- one hour.

Is the distance from D.C. a blessing or a curse?

Neither. Agencies are utilizing technology to shorten distance.

What’s your area’s can’t miss attraction?

The Atlanta Aquarium.

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