Navy simplifies IT proposal template to focus on savings

By Esther Carey
Special to Federal News Radio

The Navy is trying to make it easier for its sailors and employees to offer up ideas to cut technology spending.

Navy Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen released an abbreviated business-case analysis template on July 20.

The simplified approach is part of the service’s efforts to cut IT spending by 25 percent over five years.


The template is designed to simplify communication between IT industry and Navy personnel and to center proposals on the cost-saving measures they offer.

The condensed template retains the critical aspects of the traditional business-case analysis, including a problem statement, key assumptions and operational impacts. At the same time, it decreases the requirements in the analytical section, leaving out topics such as comparison of alternatives.

The abbreviated form places special emphasis on a table designed to illustrate the savings of the IT proposal compared to the status quo costs of current methods. The new template does not replace the standard one, the Navy said. It is just an option to more quickly focus conversations about the cost-saving possibilities.

Halvorsen is using this new form to solicit suggestions that could save money by either inserting IT systems into processes or by modifying existing processes. Other cost- cutting measures, which the CIO has incorporated into his strategy, include closing and consolidating data centers and combining software purchases into a single deal.

Esther Carey is an intern at Federal News Radio.


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