Swing states, tax code and the fiscal cliff

This week on BGOV’s Capital Impact show hosted by Allen Scott:

  • This week we tackle the swing state of Virgina comparing the proposals of Obama/Biden to those of Romney/Paul. What are the challenges facing each campaign come election day? Legislative Analyst Melissa Avstreih and Senior Economic Analyst Dr. Nela Richardson will fill us in.
  • We dive into the mind of Bloomberg Chief Washington Correspondent Peter Cook and become a fly on the wall during his conversation with Senator John McCain. Just what are the Senators thoughts on the fiscal cliff and the US Tax Code?


Allen Scott (moderator) specializes in customer on boarding and training at Bloomberg Government. Allen previously worked at Arbitron, Inc. where he served in a variety of roles from customer service to sales operations manager. Prior to Arbitron, Allen worked in radio for several years in the Washington and Baltimore areas. Most recently he spent six years at 99.1 HFS as co-host and news director.
Melissa Avstreih is a transportation analyst at Bloomberg Government. She had been a partner at the Ferguson Group, a consulting firm where she chaired the Transportation Practice Group. Avstreih worked as a staffer for a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. She holds a political science degree from West Chester University and a master’s of international commerce and policy from George Mason University.
Nela Richardson is an economic analyst with Bloomberg Government. She was a research economist at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission before joining Bloomberg. Richardson was also a senior economist at Freddie Mac, a researcher at Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, and an adjunct professor of finance at Johns Hopkins. Richardson has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland, a M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. from Indiana University.
Peter Cook is Bloomberg Television’s chief Washington correspondent, providing in-depth coverage of Congress, the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and regulatory and legislative issues from Washington D.C. Cook anchored Bloomberg Television’s primary and election night coverage during the 2008 presidential election and conducted interviews with all the major candidates. The son of a former Newsweek Rome bureau chief, Cook lived in Italy in his early youth. Cook is a graduate of Duke University and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.