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  • Jared Serbu: Senate considers DoD nominees

    Slowly but surely, the Trump Administration’s Pentagon team is continuing to take shape. The Senate voted Tuesday to confirm Patrick Shanahan as deputy secretary of Defense, the White House nominated one more official to serve in a key undersecretary position, and four more Pentagon nominees went to Capitol Hill for their confirmation hearings. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu updates Federal Drive with Tom Temin on where things stand.

  • DIUx going broke, but that might not be bad

    The Defense Department’s Silicon Valley-based Defense Innovation Unit Experimental needs more money and DoD is coming to the rescue.

  • McCain, Reed float trial balloon for another BRAC round

    The top two members of the Senate Armed Services Committee are floating a proposal that would finally allow another round of military base closures several years from now. Here’s how it would work.

  • MITRE: Addressing the nation’s cybersecurity challenges

    Steve Battista, group lead at MITRE, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss cybersecurity and a new set of services that allows for the sharing of information on cyber threats. July 18, 2017

  • DoD chief innovation officer position put on hold

    Defense Secretary Mattis is reviewing the chief innovation officer position after his predecessor moved full speed ahead on it.

  • Scott Maucione: Alabama Air Force base to begin utilizing IoT and smart city technologies

    Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama is teaming with AT&T to use internet of things and smart city technologies to make the base run more smoothly. Federal News Radio’s Scott Maucione spoke with AT&T Air Force Client Executive Vice President Rocky Thurston and Maxwell’s 42nd Mission Support Group Commander Col. Don Lewis on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the updates.

  • Higher military pay raise and Space Corps one step closer to reality with House NDAA passage

    A bill authorizing $696 billion in spending for the Defense Department, raising military pay by 2.4 percent for service members and creating a new branch of the military for space operations passed the House by a vote of 344–81. The bill authorizes enough funds to go head-to-head with sequestration as it makes a return in 2018 unless a budget deal is reached.

  • Michael McGhee: Army aims to be energy self-sufficient

    Over the past five years, the Army has been busily building renewable power facilities on its bases in order to reach an overall goal of 1 gigawatt of renewable energy by 2025. But now, the Army is putting more of an emphasis on using that energy to make its bases entirely self-sufficient from the public electric grid, so they can continue to function in the event of an outage. Michael McGhee, executive director of the Army Office of Energy Initiatives, talked with Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the technologies the Army’s pursuing to make that a reality.

  • DoD acquisition proposals reduce burden, heighten transparency concerns

    New legislative proposals from the Defense Department try to streamline the acquisition system, but do they compromise oversight?

  • Ethics & the Defense Industry Initiative

    What role does the Defense Industry Initiative play in promoting ethical business practices for defense contractors? Find out when the Boeing Company’s Ellen Martin and Tom McDaniel with the Harris Corporation join host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf. July 11, 2017