Identity & Access Management

Identity Governance: Authentication is just the first step

Federal News Radio recently sat down with SailPoint Chief Technology Officer Darran Rolls to address the challenges federal technology leaders face today.

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  • On this day in U.S. government history

    Federal News Radio presents a daily update of important moments in the history of the U.S. government.

  • Relax … for a week if you’re lucky

    When it comes to government shutdowns, remember that every silver lining has a cloud, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • CBO: Who let the dogs out?

    Averages: If you encase one bare foot in dry ice and the other in boiling oil, on average you’re doing fine.

  • Scott Maucione: Is it time for military women to Lean In?

    Women are now eligible to hold any position in the military. But that doesn’t mean everything is equal. Military women have been hosting so-called Lean In circles to discuss solutions to problems women face in the military and DoD workplace. Army Maj. Gen. Patricia Frost worked with Facebook executive and Lean In creator Sheryl Sandberg to bring more Lean In techniques to the military. Federal News Radio’s Scott Maucione spoke with Frost about her work on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Accountability executive order first of many reforms coming to VA, Trump says

    The executive order establishes the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protections as a new entity within VA. The new office will identify barriers and duplicative processes and resources to quickly disciplining and firing VA employees for poor performance or misconduct.

  • Let’s have a real shutdown: Everybody out of the pool

    The threat of yet another partial government shutdown has been with us all week and some federal workers are telling Senior Correspondent Mike Causey to bring it on.

  • Whistleblower protections & more

    Debra D’Agostino, founding partner of The Federal Practice Group, joins host Derrick Dortch on this week’s Fed Access to discuss whistleblower protections for federal employees, and how to navigate the security clearance process in the federal government. April 28, 2017

  • Gov’t spends 17 percent more on feds’ compensation than private sector, CBO says

    Federal employees with a high school diploma or less earn 53 percent more in total compensation than their counterparts in the private sector, while federal workers with a bachelor’s degree earn 21 percent more, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office. In contrast, federal employees with a professional degree or doctorate earn 18 percent less than their counterparts in the private sector.

  • Margot Conrad: Survey may shed light on reorg’s impact

    The annual federal employee viewpoint survey will be coming out soon. It will give people a chance to sound off about the Trump administration’s reorganization plans. It will also give managers a look at what the rank-and-file is thinking. Margot Conrad, director of education and outreach at the Partnership for Public Service, elaborates on this opportunity on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Is a buyout worth taking?

    People are asking Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at the Homeland Security Department, if they should take a buyout. His answer: It depends.

  • OPM updates guide for calculating severance pay

    The Office of Personnel Management updates its guide for calculating severance pay. Its release comes on the heels of agency efforts to examine how they can reduce the size of the workforces.

  • Planning for the next phase of your career

    Are you planning for your next job? If not, tune in to this week’s Your Turn when host Mike Causey speaks with Nancy Segal, an expert in finding work in the 21st century. Segal will discuss career planning, resume writing and how to use social media to get a job and get ahead. April 26, 2017

  • Your pay and benefits during a government shutdown, explained

    The White House says it won’t happen, but the Office of Management and Budget is asking that agencies prepare to prepare for a government shutdown. Here are four things to remember about your pay, benefits, work status and others if Congress can’t agree on a plan to keep the government running past Friday.

  • How data is making your building, office space better

    Norm Dong, who spent three years as the commissioner of Public Buildings Service at GSA before leaving last month, said through a portfolio management process the agency is looking at federal real property assets and deciding which need to be maintained and which need to be disposed of.

  • Integration, automation improves FDA response to cyber incidents

    The Food and Drug Administration is saving time on cyber incident responses by integrating its watch desk and engineers within a single command center, and integrating its tools to provide more holistic views of its systems.