• Rear Adm. Tim Gallaudet: Navy launches ocean science task force

    The Navy launching a task force to improve its chops in ocean science. Rear Adm. Tim Gallaudet, the Navy’s chief oceanographer and commander of the Naval Meteorological and Oceanography Command, shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Nicole Ogrysko: 2 agencies struggle to combat insider threats

    Civilian agencies have been struggling with the same challenges in developing strategies for insider threats for years now. They say those challenges are unique to them not to the Defense Department and intelligence community that have the insider threat mindset built into their culture. But the IC and DoD say not so. Federal News Radio Reporter Nicole Ogrysko tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin the two agencies have struggled with the same issues.

  • The decluttering of the federal bureaucracy starts now

    Linda Springer, a senior adviser at the Office of Management and Budget, said in part 2 of her exclusive interview about the Trump administration’s reorganization plans that the White House wants to give agencies a lot of freedom in how they execute their plans.

  • Dan Zitting: Latest trends in public GRC

    Governance, risk and compliance. Sounds like the dry stuff of corporate and agency process. But in fact it’s a crucial set of activities that lead to better financial management and program accountability. Federal Drive with Tom Temin asked Dan Zitting, chief product officer for ACL and a former auditor with Ernst and Young, about the trends in public sector GRC.

  • Attention! Ethics office has new ‘free attendance’ guidelines

    OGE has a longstanding policy about the “gift” of free attendance, which often comes with a nice breakfast or lunch and tchotchkes off vendor tables.

  • Homeland Security IG’s hotline being used in phone scam

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, DHS’ Office of Inspector General says phone scammers are making it appear as if the IG’s office is calling people in need of personally identifiable information.

  • Army looks to revamp its intelligence enterprise from the ‘bottom-up’

    The Army is in the midst of a sweeping review of its intelligence apparatus. Interviews and surveys are asking commanders at every level what they’ll need from the intelligence corps over the next decade.

  • All ideas are ‘on the table’ as agencies develop reorg plans

    Linda Springer, a senior adviser at OMB, said the Trump administration is borrowing from past administrations and modifying many long-held concepts to reorganize and restructure the government.

  • Tim McManus: How agencies can improve their hiring process

    If the government workforce shrinks, as President Donald Trump says he thinks it should, then agencies need to make sure the people they do have are top notch. Tim McManus, chief operating officer of the Partnership for Public Service, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin how agencies can improve their recruiting game.

  • Scott Maucione: Where should DoD be spending its money?

    President Donald Trump is on a mission to rebuild the U.S. military. But naturally some ask if that’s where the U.S. really needs to spend its money? There may be threats abroad, but there are plenty at home too. Federal News Radio’s Scott Maucione talks with Catherine Lutz, international studies and anthropology professor at Brown University, about the impacts of the increasing military spending on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Todd Simpson: CIOs take two-pronged approach to cybersecurity

    To meet the cybersecurity challenge, agency IT executives are pushing ahead with programs to update and modernize their underlying systems. They’re also working to automate many of the cybersecurity processes to network staff can concentrate on the threats. Todd Simpson, the chief information officer of the Food and Drug Administration, shares more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • HealthCare.gov contractors worried about security prior to launch

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, emails revealed through a FOIA request from Judicial Watch show contractors working with HHS had major security concerns days before the site became live.

  • What’s the future of IT acquisition?

    Each of the last three administrations has deployed a strategy for IT acquisition. Former Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Angela Styles, chairwoman of the law firm Crowell Moring, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin on what the next challenges might be.

  • Lawmakers have a unique role to play in government reorganization

    The Trump administration’s government reorganization directly impacts federal agencies, but Congress will have its work cut out as lawmakers balance their own jurisdictional priorities with policy and personnel changes.

  • David Hawkings: Lawmakers call back to Glass-Steagall

    Nagging questions remain in Congress on whether it really did anything useful to prevent another 2008-like financial meltdown. Now an unlikely pair of lawmakers — Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — think it’s time to have the government re-regulate banking in a way the Dodd-Frank bill did not. Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin they’re thinking back to Glass-Steagall.