• People behind new president’s mgmt. agenda need a morale boost, coalition says

    The success of the next president’s management agenda will largely depend on having the right senior executives to serve as champions for the administration’s goals, as well as the right performance plans to hold them accountable and drive noticeable outcomes. That’s the message the Performance Institute, along with a coalition of other federal management organizations, will send to both candidates.

  • Another year, another tiny bump in federal Hispanic employment

    Hispanics represented 8.5 percent of the permanent federal workforce in 2015, a 0.1 percent bump over fiscal 2014’s numbers. Though 2015 marks the sixth consecutive year where the Hispanic federal population has increased, leaders within the Office of Personnel Management are noticeably disappointed that the progress is happening slowly.

  • Rotational assignments an early success story from SES executive order

    Agencies are starting to embrace rotational assignments — one of the four main priorities in a recent executive order on the Senior Executive Service — as an opportunity to give SES members new experiences and developmental opportunities.

  • OPM HR guidance, GAO app keep politicos on track

    The Office of Personnel Management issued new guidance last month about human resource matters for SESers and outgoing political appointees. GAO plans to develop an app to focus on top federal management priorities for the next administration and members of Congress.

  • Groups praise VA bill for ‘breakthrough’ whistleblower protections

    Several good government and oversight organizations, along with eight individual whistleblowers, wrote to House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) in support of the whistleblower protections included in the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act. But they had some tough criticism for the changes the bill would make to due process rights for VA executives.

  • House passes new VA accountability, appeals reform legislation

    The House is moving forward on a bill that would shorten the time in which Veterans Affairs employees and senior executives could appeal disciplinary actions and removals. The VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act of 2016 also includes provisions that would change the veterans’ appeals process, but the bill is drawing ire from the Obama administration, House Democrats and federal employee groups.

  • Feds on the fence about retirement plans following election

    Retirement-eligible federal employees are largely split over whether the upcoming presidential transition will impact their decisions to retire. An exclusive Federal News Radio survey found roughly 35 percent of respondents say the transition won’t play a role in their decisions, but 18 percent say they’re not sure.

  • Senior executives & presidential transitions

    How will the presidential transition affect you? And what are you likely to face in January? Find out when SEA acting president Jason Briefel joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn program. August 24, 2016

  • SES bonus caps going up in 2017 by nearly 3 percent

    The Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget released guidance on raising the bonus award caps for senior executives, senior level and senior professional and scientific federal employees, and recommended tying bonuses more closely to performance, including the use of smaller bonuses for specific contributions throughout the year.

  • Will the upcoming presidential transition impact your decision to retire?

    Federal News Radio wants to hear from you about your retirement plans — and whether the upcoming presidential transition will impact your decision to stay or leave your agency.

  • ‘Superstar’ executives lend advice to career SES on upcoming transition

    The Senior Executives Association has a new guidebook for SES members who might not have a specific role on an agency transition team as their organization prepares for the upcoming change in administration. Several highly successful executives who have been through the experience before say even career executives have a role to play in the presidential transition.

  • Repackaged House bill extends same controversial VA firing procedures to all SES

    The House passed a bill that would change the way agencies discipline and remove federal employees and members of the Senior Executive Service. One provision would put all SES members under the same, expedited disciplinary process that senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department had until the Justice Department challenged its constitutionality.

  • OPM clarifies SES executive order requirements, including pay boost

    As deadlines come and go, OPM answered some frequently asked questions about an executive order, signed in 2015, that mandated reforms to the Senior Executive Service.

  • Agencies see low interest in joining SES as most executives near retirement

    Roughly 85 percent of current Senior Executive Service members are eligible to retire within the next 10 years. And about half can retire within the next president’s first term in office. But as the administration looks to agency career leaders to steer the upcoming presidential transition, 55 percent of GS-14s and GS-15s say they’re not interested in joining the SES.