On Duty

Since the attacks of 9-11, holidays have taken on a special meaning for many federal workers and members of the armed forces. On that day, September 11, 2001 the East Coast (according to a PBS documentary) was guarded by two U.S. fighter planes. That’s asking them to cover a lot of ground. It was a dividend of the Cold War. We relaxed because we thought we could.

Today, as with other federal holidays, lots of people who would normally be off are in fact on the job. Just as they will be on the next holiday, and next year. This year and the year after that.

So we say it every holiday because we mean it. The gang here at WFED and FederalNewsRadio.com understands service, federal service, better than many other media outlets. These are the people we cover and the people we know and hear from.

So once again, thanks for doing what you are doing. For what it’s worth, we’re here too.


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