Today We Are All Turkeys

This is supposed to be one of the biggest travel days of the year, which means that a lot of feds are on the job doing everything from air traffic control to guarding the borders or helping out in a VA hospital. Others may come in today and Friday too. Either out of need, dedication or for peace and quiet. Escaping visiting in-laws counts too.

Anyhow whether you are doing turkey, tofu or tacos, this is one of those warm and fuzzy holidays.

And whether you are sitting around a table outdoors in Texas, beside a roaring fire in Michigan or heading for Washington’s Reagan National Airport, have a good holiday from all of us here at WFED.

And if you’ve got some down time, refer to last Monday’s column which tests your federal IQ and how much your friends and relatives know about the federal government. Including where your holiday turkey originated.


Happy Holiday.

MC & friends.

Nearly Useless Thanksgiving Week Factoid
by Suzanne Kubota

Only tom turkeys gobble. Hen turkeys make a clicking noise.


Federal Salary Council examines public-private pay gap
The Federal Salary Council met last week to review locality pay rates for the 2012 fiscal year. In many places, there is a significant gap between what federal employees and private sector workers are compensated.

Union pushes public outreach on TSA pat downs
The Transportation Security Administration has come under intense criticism for the enhanced pat downs, which many find intrusive and inappropriate. But the president of a union that represents the security officers says a new outreach campaign will “ask the public to recognize these officers, and respect them for the job they are trying to do.”