July 4th holiday timeout

We hope you’re reading this from a hammock, surrounded by beautiful or nubile admirers who are feeding you dainties while they grill your lunch. Good for you. It is always nice when a stand-alone holiday (like Independence Day or Christmas or New Year’s) falls on a Friday or a Monday. Three-day weekends are good for your mental health.

And, if today finds you at work, that’s good too. Maybe not for you but certainly for us. Because what you are doing and where you are doing it is probably good for our health, safety and security. Even if we can’t see you.

Most media outlets find that readers, listeners and viewers drop off on holidays, which makes sense. So we are saving a real, true-blue July 4th column for tomorrow, July 5, when lots of us will be back to work. Enjoy today and check it out tomorrow. It will make you very proud to be an American.

Happy holiday. Check this space tomorrow. Trust me…


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Nearly Useless Factoid
By Julia Ziegler
According to WeirdFacts.com (my new favorite website), the Statue of Liberty’s fingernails weigh about 100 pounds each.


Retiree COLA doesn’t keep pace with medical inflation
A 3.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment might be coming to some feds, but this amount won’t cover the increased costs of medical services, said one financial analyst.

Feds pay more for gas
Despite the IRS increasing the mileage rate, GSA will not increase the mileage reimbursement for federal employees.

TSP returns for June are in
All funds – except for the G Fund – had negative returns last month.

VA sets Oct. 1 as smartphone approval day
Apple’s iPhone and iPad, devices running Google’s Android operating system, and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones are the most likely to be approved to connect to VA’s network.