Tracking telework acceptance

Since both houses of Congress have passed versions of the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act, there’s a very real possibility the program will be coming soon to an empty desktop near you. Both versions are designed to expand telework across government by assuming employees are eligible for telework instead of requiring them to prove it’s a good fit for their position. Senate measure S. 707 is being “held at the desk” and House bill H.R. 1722 is now back in committee.

While that’s going on, the Office of Personnel Management has released the latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey that found about a third of those surveyed were satisfied with telework, implying two-thirds aren’t. Another quarter of federal employees said they don’t telework because they aren’t allowed to. explored the possibility that there may be some feds out there who don’t really want to telework and came up with 5 reasons why some feds would rather not telework. They include a feeling of wanting to be in the office to contribute to a group effort, keeping their work and home lives separate, and the notion that “as long as so many people are not teleworking, would-be teleworkers will need to come into the office more often than they would like, which only reinforces the idea that telework is not a practical solution.”