Telework enjoys a ‘perfect storm’

Aside from the “I need to see my employees working” management-types, the future is looking exceptionally bright to followers of federal telework.

“The Federal government is in a telework perfect storm – it’s a win for employees, managers, agencies, and the environment,” said Cindy Auten, General Manager, Telework Exchange at a recent event with Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed is joining forces the Telework Exchange “in support of their mission to expand and improve telework options for government agencies and employees,” according to a Lockheed press release.

Additionally, Bob Cusack, managing editor of The Hill newspaper says to watch for the Telework Act to be passed this year.


After a rough patch in the House, it now has bipartisan backing from Frank Wolf (R-VA), Gerry Connolly (D-VA) and others. “I think that’s a bill,” said Cusack, “that could be folded into a continuing resolution or some type of massive bill that’s moving through” and use the momentum to carry though. “It’s one of those bills that’s going to be attached to a train that’s moving and that’s what the sponsors are going to be looking for.”