Whistleblower bill dies in House

The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2010 did not receive the two-thirds vote needed to pass the House. The Senate had approved the measure Dec. 10.

The legislation would have allowed civil service employees outside of intelligence agencies to seek a jury trial in federal court if dismissed or demoted due to reporting government corruption, fraud or abuse.

These rights extended to Transportation Security Administration baggage screeners and federal scientists.

The legislation was framed by some lawmakers as a way to prevent another WikiLeaks scandal. Bill supporters said classified information could not be leaked to the public. However, some House GOP were concerned the bill would encourage leaks in sensitive government jobs.


The Senate passed a similar whistleblower bill three years ago but ultimately the measure did not make it through Congress.


Opinions clash over whistleblower act

Federal News Radio’s Jolie Lee and the Associated Press contributed to this story.