Issa profile highlights life before politics

The New Yorker profile of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) highlights past accusations of shady financial dealings and his life as a businessman.

The article explores Issa’ relationship with his brother William, who spent three years in prison for car theft.

“I admired my brother even when he was doing wrong,” Issa told The New Yorker. “I was always the kid at his ankles. Did he do wrong? Yes. Did he get caught? Yes. Did I ride around in cars with my brother that I had to know in good faith he hadn’t paid for? Yeah. Did I get caught? No.”

The article gives little attention to Issa’ plans for the oversight committee. However, the details may provide ammunition for Issa’s critics.


Politico reports, “These outbursts of candor and the article’s attention on Issa, rather than on the new House majority, likely will not play well with GOP leaders.”

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