Sens. Carper, Collins, Lieberman and Voinovich and the VA


To Senators Tom Carper, Susan Collins, Joe Lieberman & George Voinovich for the Information Technology Investment Oversight and Waste Prevention Act of 2009 (pdf). This bill is a first, but important, step in the direction of efforts to eliminate non-performing programs and wasteful spending from the federal budget. For too long, Congress and the American people have been satisfied with a lackadaisical performance from OMB in the area of transparency and accountability regarding program performance. This bill requires adherence to a higher standard. If Congress, and indeed, the President are serious about transparency and the determination to cut non-performing programs, this bill should sail through on a fast track to signature into law.

To the Veterans Administration for the poorly performing, long-awaited, Veterans Online Application (VONAPP) website. Intended to provide an efficient and virtual means of applying for GI benefits, the website was poorly resourced with insufficient connectivity options, insufficient processing and caching speeds and questionable storage capacity. For an initiative, this touted, this important, and promised for so long to so many of our nation’s veterans, the government’s performance was less than stellar. Priorities are indicated by allocation of time and resources. At this point, clearly, improving the quality of our nation’s performance in delivering benefits to veterans is still not a priority.