Inside Government – April 2nd and 9th, 2010

Special Rebroadcast!

Josh Bivens
Economist, Economic Policy Institute

  • Health care legislation and its impact on the economy in the years ahead
  • Increasing job growth before tackling the federal deficit

Johnnie Walker
President, AFGE D.C. Government Local 383

  • How overpopulation at the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services impacts violence in the District

Karen Kellen
President, AFGE Environmental Protection Agency Local 3607

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Dave Christensen
Legislative Advocate, AFGE Environmental Protection Agency Local 3607

Susie Peru
Secretary-Treasurer, AFGE Department of Defense Local 2516

Mike Schnobrich
Treasurer, AFGE Bureau of Prisons Local 1302

  • A review of their most pressing issues, including widespread staffing needs, collective bargaining, and privatization