Better understanding of DoD networks sought

To better protect DoD’s seven million machines, linked in 15,000 networks, with 21 satellite gateways and 20,000 commercial circuits — better situational awareness is needed.

Army Gen. Keith Alexander, the head of the new Defense Department’s Cyber Command, says the military needs to bolster its ability to see and understand what’s happening across its many computer networks in real-time.

“We must first understand our networks and build an effective cyber situational awareness in real time through a common, sharable operating picture,” Alexander says. “We do not have a COP, a common operating picture, for our networks. We need to get there. We need to build that.”

Alexander, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in late May, said Defense needs a common sharable, operating picture across its networks and to enable real-time response.


On May 7, Alexander became a four-star general and the head of the new command.