CIA used ‘illegal, inaccurate’ software to direct assassination drones

A lawsuit alleges the software the CIA used to direct drone assassinations in Afghanistan and Pakistan was both faulty and illegally obtained, The Register reports.

At the center of the case is a package of location analysis software called “Geospatial.” The software was developed by a small company called Intelligent Integration Systems (IISi).

In 2006, IISi partnered with data warehousing company Netezza for the Geospatial project.

IISi claims Netezza “midled the CIA by saying that it could deliver the software on its new hardware, to a tight deadline,” according to The Register.


IISi refused to rush the job, but Netezza “hastily reverse-engineered IISi’s code,” IISi alleges.

The software company is now seeking an injunction to ban Netezza and the CIA from using the software or any derivative of it.

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