Is cybersecurity funding asymmetrical?

Paul A. Strassmann, Distinguished Professor of Information Sciences, George Mason University.

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 1:31 pm

Cybersecurity Update – Tune in weekdays at 30 minutes past the hour for the latest cybersecurity news on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris (6-10 a.m.) and the DorobekINSIDER with Chris Dorobek (3-7 p.m.). incredibly asymmetrical. Paul A. Strassmann is a Distinguished Professor of Information Sciences at George Mason University. He joins the DorobekInsider this afternoon at 3:30 and 4:30 with more information on why this asymmetrical problem exits.

  • Also, with all the potential leaks and breaches that come with social networking tools, like Facebook and Twitter, do the dangers outweigh the benefits for the Defense Department? Professor Strassmann says it’s all about balance.
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