Government 2.0 in metamorphosis

Is the Gov 2.0 movement in a slump?

No, Gov 2.0 is actually growing, writes Lovisa Williams in her personal blog Athena’s Lightning. William works in the social media department for the State Department.

“None of these changes will happen overnight, but if you think about the movement having really only starting two years ago, we have come a long ways!” she wrote.

In a graph, Williams compares Gov 2.0 implementation with the Technology Adoption Lifecycle graph. Williams said Gov 2.0 implementation is now dipping as the movement enters into what she calls “metamorphosis.” Implementation will surge during a “rebirth.”


This current stage of metamorphosis is a time of “internal reflection.” At this point, agencies understand the concepts of Gov 2.0 are not going away, so they must ask themselves how to incorporate these tools into their organizations, Williams said. This is also a time to educate the workers who are not early adopters of the technology and to start discussions about what Gov 2.0 opportunities lie ahead.

What’s hampering Gov 2.0 now might be a matter of semantics, writes David Dejewski in his blog Defense Business Transformation.

In his post “Social Media is More Than Social,” Dejewski said he agreed with a blog post by the DorobekNSIDER that said “collaboration tools” is a better term than “social media” to accurately represent Web 2.0.

Dejewski wrote, “If we limit our understanding of ‘Social Media’ to technologies that bring people closer together, we miss out on what promises to be perhaps the single largest cost saver/ value creator in technology history.”

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