Navy intel officer accused of leaking classified docs

A Navy intelligence specialist is accused of taking top secret documents from military networks and offering to sell them, The Washington Post reports.

Petty Officer Bryan Martin was arrested last week by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. He has not been formally charged.

Martin was caught in a sting operation where he allegedly passed classified documents to an undercover FBI agent. The Post reports that Martin enlisted in the Navy in 2007 and was assigned to the Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg.

Investigators say Martin told undercover agents he could be very valuable to them and handed over documents marked secret and top secret. He was reportedly paid a total of $35,000.


The military is investigating Officer Martin under some of the same Espionage Act statutes as those being used to investigate Private Bradley Manning. Manning is the Army intelligence analyst who’s suspected of leaking cables and other classified documents to WikiLeaks.