DoD CIO Takai answers: How important are you?

Teri Takai, the new Chief Information Officer for the Defense Department, on Wednesday evening spoke at a welcoming reception hosted by TechAmerica, AFCEA, AFFIRM, NDIA and NVTC in Washington, D.C.

Takai, who previously served as CIO for the states of California and Michigan, was first rumored to take over the post in February 2010 to replace John Grimes, who retired in April 2009. Takai was officially nominated in March, but the nomination was withdrawn as Defense officials reinvented the position. She was named to the position of DoD CIO in October.

As the role of the DoD CIO has been in limbo, the DorobekINSIDER asked Takai, “How important are you?”


“I think that the best and most honest answer is, I don’t know yet,” Takai said.

Takai, who started in her new job in November, said she was pleased with the access and support she has received.

Moving forward, Takai said partnerships with organizations in DoD will be “extremely important.”

She also said, “I think the real answer to your question is really going to be about me. It’s going to be about how I can work with the organization, how the organization can work within the building and how we can be an important part of driving the secretary’s agenda.”

She added: Check back in six months.