Don’t be intimidated by telework agreements

As agencies across the Federal government work to meet the June 7 deadline to finalize their telework policies, the Department of Defense is getting of their employees on the telework bandwagon.

Assuming both the supervisor and employee agree the employee should take the leap, the next step is to set up a telework agreement.

DoD’s Chief Human Capital Officer, Pat Tamburrino, says “it’s a pretty simple document.”

It says they will telework periodically or episodically or they might even have an ad hoc telework arrangement, but there’s an agreement as to what does the employee do when he or she is on telework, what’s their output, what do we desire them to do and how do we measure it, and then we put accountability in place so that the employee and the supervisor have a mutual understanding of what happens when that employee’s not on site.


He describes DoD employees as “extremely dedicated” and sees telework as another way to do a more efficient and effective job.

“I think that will really help improve the quality of life,” said Tamburrino, “and the quality of service for a lot of our employees and give them a lot of flexibility and we’ll still get our job done.”

For more from Tamburrino, see the interview on In Depth with Francis Rose, “DoD readies to implement telework act“.