Which feds make the most money?

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

Doctors, lawyers, and dentists top the list of the highest paid feds in government.

USA Today analyzed federal workforce data from the Office of Personnel Management. They found feds who make more than $180,000 a year account for less than one percent of the workforce.

Doctors make up eight out of 10 of those top-salaried jobs. Attorneys accounted for 6 percent, followed by dentists, with almost 3 percent, and financial institution examiners, with nearly 2 percent.


The data used do not cover the White House, the federal judiciary, most employees of the legislative branch, federal contractors or some agencies, such as the CIA and National Security Agency, said the paper.

Top ten federal agencies and occupations with employees with annualized salaries of $180,000 or more in September 2010

Agency Occupation Jobs $180,000 or over
Veterans Health Admin. (VHA) Medical officer (doctor) 12,708
SEC General attorney 598
NIH Medical officer (doctor) 579
FDA Medical officer (doctor) 426
VHA Dental officer 425
Indian Health Service Medical officer (doctor) 303
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Financial institution examining 238
FDIC General attorney 232
SEC Accounting 203
U.S. Army Medical Command Medical officer (doctor) 187

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