A get-tough approach helpful in disciplining errant contractors?

Todd Canni, associate general counsel, Air Force

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 10:26 am

Nearly everyone agrees that contractors should play by the rules. But figuring out what to do when a company doesn’t abide by the rules can often be a tricky situation.

Todd Canni, the Air Force associate general counsel, certainly knows procurement policies. But he joined the Federal Drive to discuss an article about suspensions and debarments that he co-wrote with his colleague Steve Shaw, the Air Force deputy general counsel.

Canni stressed that the article doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the Air Force but is in response to recommendations made by the Congressionally-chartered Commission on Wartime Contracting.

In his article, Canni contends that the commission’s recommendations dealing with contractor suspensions and debarments can be overly broad.


Canni shared his perspective on how to better focus those efforts and also addressed some of the misconceptions surrounding suspensions and debarments.