From the Pentagon on 9/11 to Afghan front lines

The 9/11 attacks forever seared themselves into the nation’s collective memory.

But for thousands of troops, they also changed the mission.

Army Col. Todd Key was in the Pentagon, when the plane smashed into DoD headquarters a few floors beneath him. Since then, he’s played an active role in the military’s response to the terrorism threat.

He’s on his second mission to Afghanistan — working as senior adviser to the country’s deputy minister of interior for strategy and policy.


“I would have no idea that five years later — and 10 years later — I would be in Afghanistan,” he said. “This is my second tour here. And I would have no idea how rewarding these two tours have been in my career, in my life.”

Key joined the Federal Drive to discuss his mission as part of Federal News Radio’s ongoing coverage of “9/11: A Government Changed.”

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