Top 10 agencies with telework issues

The 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey gave a lot of insight into how agencies stack up when it comes to telework.

Federal employees were asked two questions related to telework as part of the survey. First, feds were asked whether they have been notified that they are eligible to telework. (All federal employees were supposed to be told of their telework status by June 7.) Second, employees were asked to pick from a list of choices the response that best described their telework situation. Two of those choices included:

  • I do not telework because I have technical issues (e.g., connectivity, inadequate equipment) that prevent me from teleworking.
  • I do not telework because I did not receive approval to do so, even though I have the kind of job where I can telework.


6.8 percent of all government employees said they do not telework because of technical issues. When broken down by agency, more Social Security Administration employees listed this as the reason for not teleworking than any other agency.

Governmentwide, 25.7 percent of feds said they don’t telework because they didn’t receive approval, despite having jobs amenable to telework. An agency-by-agency review, finds the Marine Corps has more employees than any other agency that list this as the reason for not teleworking.

Overall, 67.3 percent of federal employees said they have not been notified that they are eligible to telework. The agencies with the highest percentage of feds in this category include: