Air Force hiring managers have 15 days to select civilian hires

Hiring managers at the Air Force have 15 days — instead of 30 days — to choose the best candidates to fill civilian vacancies.

The new 15-day timeframe for selecting candidates went into effect May 1 and is part of a larger strategy to hire within 80 days.

“We continue to refine the civilian hiring process to drive toward the president’s mandate to get to a timelier civilian fill,” said Michelle LoweSolis, Air Force Personnel Center civilian force integration director, in a statement.

In the second quarter of fiscal 2012, Air Force filled more than 6,400 jobs with an average hiring time of 70 days, said Paula Blackwell, AFPC’s civilian force integration production division chief, in a statement.


“We consistently seek innovations in our hiring process and are committed to sustaining this average,” Blackwell said.

The Air Force has launched an online resource center — a one-stop shop — for hiring managers that includes the new deadlines and tips for assessing candidates. The site has short videos to explain the 80-day hiring process.

The service will also have to make changes to its recruitment methods. Blackwell said simply posting a job opening is not good enough to attract top talent. Hiring managers should also “actively communicate” openings at career fairs and networking events.

“This will help attract a broader pool of quality candidates and communicate the required and experience needed for the position,” she said.


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