SAMMIES Review/Local Government Job Losses

September 17, 2010 — Derrick T. Dortch talks to Chris McConnell, Editor of about the Service to America Medals Awards held on Wednesday, September 15th.

McConnell was backstage and had a chance to interview each of the award winners and ask them about how they got into government service as well as some other questions that provided insight into their government careers and the passion they have for the work they do. Dortch talks to McConnell about his interviews with the award winners.

In the second half of the show Dortch talks to McConnell about a report from the National League of Cities that reports that many city, county and state agencies across the nation may have to layoff and cut the rank of government employees by almost 500,000. McConnell has been following the story closely and Dortch examines what is causing these job losses with city, county and state government agencies.