iPad trojan opens backdoor for hackers

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  • Hackers are targeting iPad users with bogus updates. Messages are sent that dupe iPad users into downloading malicious code onto their Windows PCs. Computerworld reports that the messages claim to be offering a recent update to iTunes for the iPad. The link in the message leads to a Trojan horse that injects code into Windows’ explorer.exe and opens a backdoor for hackers. The Trojan also tries to snatch activation keys from various programs on the hacked machine and steals passwords for instant messaging clients and e-mail accounts. Apple has yet to release any updates for the iPad.
  • Microsoft tries again to patch a critical security hole in Windows 2-thousand. On Tuesday, the company re-released an update designed for Windows 2000 users who are also running Windows Media Services. Computer World reports the problem is a buggy component that could allow hackers to run unauthorized software on the PC. The first patch attempt last week failed.