Recovery reporting reaches new milestone

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

There’s been yet another milestone for Recovery Act spending.

Earl Devaney, Chairman of the Recovery, Accountability and Transparency Board, told Federal News Radio with the passing of the latest deadline, reporting from groups that have received funds has never been stronger.

“We’ve got over 70,000 primes have reported in,” said Devaney, “and then an additional 100,000 subprime recipients put their awards in so we’ve reached a new high for reporting and it went rather well and we’re looking forward now to a period of time between now and the 30th when people have a chance to make any corrections they might want to to what they reported. And then on the 30th, we will roll up the website and show the new numbers.”


The White House has ordered agencies to “intensify their efforts to improve compliance” including terminating awards, pursuing measures such as suspension and debarment, reclaiming funds, and considering, initiating, and implementing punitive actions.

Devaney said it’s working.

People who were a little hesitant to report, or didn’t report in the past have gotten the message. Sort of a tough love message was given several weeks ago when the President issued a memorandum requiring agencies to take every action they could to make sure people did report and I think that message came through loud and clear and I think the reporting is up because of it.

To handle the load, Devaney let it be known that the future of is less up in the air than in the cloud.

“I’m not going to announce it today,” Devaney told Federal News Radio, “but we’re looking at the cloud and we’re thinking of moving in that direction, so we should have something to announce fairly soon.”

Stay tuned.

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