Signs of cyberagreement appear between US and Russia

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  • 140 computer network specialists, law enforcement agents and diplomats from eight countries met in a German ski resort this week for a Russian-sponsored conference on Internet security. The Obama administration is now actively engaged in discussions with the Russians on cybersecurity. This year more than a dozen Americans attended, including Christopher Painter, the second-ranking White House official on cybersecurity, and Judith Strotz, the director of the State Department’s Office of Cyber Affairs. Officials from both countries say that law enforcement cooperation had improved.
  • The man nominated to run U.S. Cyber Command says cyber policies and doctrines are not clear. Lt. General Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency, faced questions from Senators Thursday at his nomination hearing. Senators are also worried that cyber policies laws not keeping pace with technology.
  • As the proposed U.S. Cyber Command sets up a new $30 billion center centralizing NSA’s cyber security efforts at Fort Meade in Maryland, a potential 50,000 new jobs come with it, reports the Baltimore Business Journal. DISA is anticipating its move to Ft. Meade with a career fair tomorrow that we told you about earlier this week which includes hundreds of cybersecurity jobs.